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Fort Myers Moving Assistance, Senior Movers and Senior Care

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Fort Myers Moving Assistance, Senior Movers and Senior Care

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Senior Assistance

Perhaps you know a senior who could use a bit of assistance with various chores and activities— or maybe you are one yourself! Whatever the case, Detail Girl can help!

I provide assistance to seniors in a wide variety of ways. I can either take care of a certain chore or responsibility myself or assist and do it together. I believe in the importance of helping seniors in any capacity, as they are more than deserving of some assistance after a busy, full life of service.

I help elderly individuals retain their independence and abilities, and also provide companionship and a listening ear.

To learn more about my senior care and assistance services, reach out to me via phone or email today.

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Multi-Faceted Approach to Help for Seniors

As we get older, most of us will find that we need a bit of assistance with various tasks. Seniors may be perfectly capable and independent, yet require a hand with some chores. With senior care and assistance, seniors can retain their independence, dignity, and quality of life.

I can help seniors with a wide variety of day-to-day activities, and my approach is customized to the needs of each household. From assistance with cooking and cleaning to shopping, errand running, and appointment transport, I ensure that all needs are met.

To serve seniors is an opportunity that I don't take for granted. My personal assistance services are ideal for a wide variety of situations and circumstances. Whether it's an individual, older couple, or a live-in friend or relative, I can assist!

Wide Range of Senior Services

If certain tasks, such as shopping or errand running, are too arduous for certain people, I can help! For those with mobility issues or challenges, I can assist with getting around the house and into the community. I can schedule appointments, perform personal shopping, and run errands for seniors— or accompany them on these various tasks.

Around the house, I can help with the following:

  • Organizing
  • Decorating
  • General Upkeep
  • Furniture Adjustment
  • Travel Logistics
  • Hosting Friends and Family
  • Planning Events
  • ...and nearly anything else needed!

I can even help adjust homes to make them more accessible and better catered to daily needs.

Years of Experience in Personal Assistance and Senior Care

For over 35 years, seniors in the community have counted on my help and assistance. I am familiar with all the services needed and consider myself an expert in going above and beyond.

I love creating close friendships with seniors and have gained wisdom and insight from so many individuals. Whatever the needs of the senior or seniors in your life, I can help!