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Project Management

Do you require the skills of an experienced, detailed project manager who isn't afraid to think outside the box? Look no further than Detail Girl!

I can assist you with the management and planning of any project— personal or professional, formal or informal. For detailed planning, suggestions, or even simply to bounce ideas off of, you can depend on my creative, imaginative approach, and instinctive helpful nature!

I look forward to hearing about the details of your project, and how I can assist in its undertaking! Contact me today.

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Exceptional Project Planning and Management Services

With my decades of personal assistance and organization development, it is only natural for me to lend my skills as a project management specialist. From plans for home renovations or additions to travel planning and everything between, I can help you envision the whole picture of the project you have in mind.

I take a multifaceted approach to each project. Beginning with an extensive, comprehensive consultation process, we will draft a detailed plan, including the various phases and stages of the process. This includes the people involved, timelines and schedules, budgets, and any other incidental components of the project.

From the initial conception right through to the completion, I can offer advice and guidance on any matter pertaining to your project. I can even help with locating other professionals and hiring staff to bring your project to life.

No project is too big or too small! I look forward to assisting in any way I can.

Extensive Range of Personal and Project Assistance Offerings

A successful project requires detailed planning and insight at every stage. Most importantly, there is preparation and foresight to target any mishap or surprise along the way.

My method of project management allows the project to be observed as a whole as well as in its various components. My attention to detail and commitment always lead to outstanding results.

I welcome the opportunity to assist with the planning of any project. Based on your budget and timeline requirements, we can achieve excellent results together.

Schedule a consultation with me today. I hope to exceed your expectations!

Decades of Experience as a Personal Assistant and Project Planner

My decades of experience have led me to a variety of tasks and forms of service. Helping others is what I do best, and I seek to do so in every way I can. This was my reasoning behind starting Detail Girl.

I have the experience and skill you need! My passion is establishing personal rapports with my clients, who in time become great friends.

Regardless of how outrageous or unconventional your project may seem, we can find a way to bring it into fruition together.